Juror FAQs

*In all cases you MUST return the questionnaire. Documentation is required if there is a court audit.
*The Jury list is generated by 3 different state agencies, not the county of Randolph.

*Please call 618-826-5000 ext. 333 after 5 pm the night before your jury service date to check if you still need to report for jury duty.

Do you call me to remind me of jury duty?

We do not call to remind you of jury duty, but we are working on a text notification program that you can choose to opt into to get updates.

Do you call me if I miss jury duty?

We do not call you if you miss jury duty, however, please note if you are selected to serve on jury and you do not show up, a judge may order a warrant for your arrest for contempt of court.

What do I do if I have an illness, injury or medical reason and I need excused?

Please send in a doctor’s note by fax or mail to the Circuit Clerk’s office. You can also send it through email to the Circuit Judge or jury clerk.

Can I substitute myself in for a juror?

Jurors are chosen at random by the jury system, no substitutions are allowed.

If I have been previously summonsed for jury duty, why am I being summonsed again?

Jurors are selected at random and once a juror is finished with their jury service, whether they served, were excused, or not needed, they will be thrown back in to the pool to potentially be drawn again.

Can I be taken out of the jury pool completely?

Only jurors who no longer live in Randolph County, are 75 years old or older, or have passed away are taken out of the pool.

I am a student/attend school out of the area what do I need to do?

Please fill out the questionnaire stating that and return it with a copy of your school schedule.

What do I do if the Juror requested is deceased?

You will need to fill in the name of juror (decedent) along with the information that the Juror has passed away, sign your name and give a contact number for you.

What do I need to do if I am going on vacation / have a scheduled medical procedure / have a work conflict?

Please fill out and return the questionnaire. Also please send documentation, i.e. reservations/confirmation letter from work supervisor (not all work conflicts are excused) and/or a letter from the doctor.

What if I have a medical/ physical limitation and/or disability?

Please fill out and return the questionnaire stating your disability/physical limitation and provide a letter from a doctor. Physicians are used to this request – simply call your doctor’s office and request an excuse juror from duty letter.

What if I am the caregiver/sole caregiver of a Juror?

Please fill out the top portion of the questionnaire and return the questionnaire with any supporting documentation you have.

What if the juror no longer lives in the county?

Please fill out the top portion of the questionnaire with the new address, mark NO on number 3 and return the questionnaire.

*Please call 618-826-5000 ext. 159 if you have any questions that were not answered on this page.

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